Your Customers Are Your Life! Treat Them Accordingly

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A trend I’ve seen all too frequently is to talk honestly and bluntly about customers after a call center agent gets off the phone.  This is the case in just about every customer service operation from car sales to fast food.  While you are probably right in what you say about those customers, you are wrong in your approach.  After all, where would you be without customers?  Sitting at home trying to find a job.

No matter what business you are in, there is competition.  Without those customers calling you, they’ll call your competition and put you out of business.  Now is the ideal time to jump ahead of your competition and “Wow” your customers with great customer service that will keep them coming back.

1. Strike while the fire is hot.

A common trend is to reverse engineer a business.  Instead of putting a product or service first, you put the customer first and work backwards.  In the call center that would involve looking at what the customer wants and needs.  What would the customer be happy with?  What would they tell their friends about?  How can you give that to them?  Once you answer those questions you can tailor your scripts and customer service experience to make the customer feel like they’re getting the best customer service of their lives.

2. Find priorities.

If you get 500 calls a day about product support and many of them need help setting the product up, maybe it’s time to offer multiple methods of support.  Instead of fielding all of those calls and repeating your message you can offer a different approach to your customers and offer them a choice.  For example, you can put a video on your website showing how to set up the product along with a PDF guide that shows how to set up the product.  You can offer to email the PDF to your customers, fax it to them, or just direct them to the website.  If they would rather, you can help them get the product set up.  In this method you give the customers an option and allow them to select a response that best fits with their personality.

Instead of complaining about your customers, realize that without them you’ll be out looking for a call center job!

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