When do I Outsource?

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A business acquaintance asked, “When do I need to outsource my call center operation?”

To me the answer was obvious.  You need to outsource your call center staff when the cost becomes great than the cost of the call center.

For example.  Your employees cost a total of $150,000 a year to answer phones, and make a few calls.  A call center would charge you $50,000 a year to handle your volume of calls.  Pretty obvious, but you could easily save at least $100,000.

That does not take into account the amount of potential lawsuits each employee could bring, regulations involving staffing, cost to hire, train and fire new employees and the cost of managing those employees.  But the biggest cost for most employers is the cost of insurance.

Should you outsource? That is up for discussion, but if you are set on outsourcing, wait until your costs outweigh your benefits!

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