Sprint Runs Advanced Call Center

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I had to contact the customer call center for Sprint PCS a few days ago. For some reason, I was unable to receive any text messages through services that use short codes. Talk about frustrating!

After ignoring the problem for weeks (even months!) I decided to buzz the call center and see what Sprint could do. To my surprise, their advanced call center fixed the problem!

No info needed

Sprint PCS has an advanced call center because you don’t have to give loads of personal data when you call. If you call them from the cell phone in question, they can work on your account just by verifying your name.

Honestly, I hate using a call center that asks for tons of info, so this alone makes Sprint PCS top notch in my book.

Speedy help

Amazingly, I didn’t have to wait on hold very long. I think my total wait time was about 5 minutes, which isn’t bad at all in my opinion.

And once I got connected with a call center agent, she handled my problem swiftly.

Problem solved

Most importantly, Sprint’s advanced call center solved my problem. After all, that’s why I called them.

It turns out that they had blocked short codes on our account. My wife received some unsolicited stuff that we complained about, so I guess they solved the problem by blocking all short codes.

The fix was simple enough: enable short codes only on my line. Problem solved.

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