Outreach Tech Support and Emergency Call Centers

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If you’re looking for work in a call center, you may not realize how many opportunities exist for businesses that need outreach call centers to help resolve technical support issues. For example, a car company may need to contact customers regarding recalled products. Other business owners require similar services to manage emergency situations. In the event of a power outage, a home medical equipment company may need to contact patients on life support equipment in order to see if they need additional support.

Outreach Technical and Emergency Call Center Tasks

For the most part, when you work in this type of call center, you’ll be given a list of existing customers and their contact information. Depending on the situation, you may be given a script of questions to ask, or a set of answers to commonly asked questions. It will be your job to disseminate the information as required by the company you work for.

Job and Career Opportunities

Depending on your interests, you may be able to find work at any number of businesses. For example, electric companies may need your assistance to help contact residents in areas affected by power outages, as well as to help locate gas line breaks. Utility companies may also need help contacting customers to determine the limits of an outage problem during the restoration process.

If you’re working in a technical support call center, you may focus on troubleshooting large scale quality control oversights or on preventive maintenance issues. Among other things, you may need to ask if an appliance is malfunctioning, or if it has a particular serial number targeted by a recall. From there, you may need to give specific instructions on how to return the item and how they’ll receive a new one. Alternatively, you may need to give the consumer specific instructions on how to correct the malfunction.

Required Skills

Even though you won’t be making calls to collect money, you may still find yourself in stressful customer exchanges. Among other things, if a utility customer is without power or water, they’re likely to be upset. You’ll likely need to spend a few minutes reassuring the customer that your employer is working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation. You’ll need to be able to remain calm and polite – despite the customer’s reaction – which can be difficult and frustrating.

Working in an outreach center dedicated to technical and emergency issues often requires evaluating information and selecting appropriate solutions. In some cases, you may need training to understand how a particular product works and why the malfunction is occurring. You may also find yourself with the difficult task of translating this technical information to customers in a way that’s easy to understand.

Chances are, if you’ve ever experienced a prolonged power outage, you may have received a call from the utility company to see how you were doing. While these workers are often employed in other jobs during non-emergency situations, there’s still a viable business opportunity for outreach call center specialists in the technical and crisis management fields. Starting an outreach call center service is an easy way to help business manage their problems more efficiently while generating income for yourself.

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