Non-Profit Organization Call Centers

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Non-profit organizations fill a number of roles in society, from serving to raise consumer awareness about a wide range of issues to providing financial and other forms of assistance in emergency situations. Typically, the public funding for these groups is limited, so their services rely heavily on the generosity of donors. As a call center specialist, you could find yourself doing anything from soliciting financial contributions to disseminating information and educational materials about the organization’s mission.

Non-Profit Organization Call Center Tasks

As with any other type of business, non-profit organizations need to obtain an enormous amount of information from individuals that are likely to make donations. In addition, when you’re working in a non-profit organization call center, you may also make calls directly asking people for donations. Depending on the situation, you may find varying levels of receptiveness to your requests – including everything from generous responses to quickly hung-up phones.

Because non-profit organizations also seek to raise awareness of specific issues, some of your call center work may involve distributing educational materials. For example, a women’s shelter might conduct a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence. Typically, if you’re involved in an educational outreach effort, you’ll be given a series of points to cover with individuals that are willing to listen to you.

Getting Paid for Working in a Non-Profit Call Center

In many cases, you’ll find that non-profit organizations are under-funded and under-staffed. As a result, you may be asked to conduct phone-a-thons, or related services on a volunteer basis. Even though you may not be paid for your work, you may find the experience valuable if you plan to start your own call center business. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a worthwhile organization raise needed funds.

Aside from this, you’ll also gain an opportunity to expand your communication skills, without having to worry about job performance reviews. Your experiences as a non-profit organization call specialist may also be useful to include on a job resume. Not only will this give you the chance to highlight a significant amount of experience, it’s a useful way to present yourself as an individual interested in humanitarian goals.

Fraud Alerts

If you’re going to work as an outsourced non-profit call center specialists, it’s important to research your clients carefully. Individuals have posed as everything from police offers to clergy members in order to obtain donations. Unfortunately, some people will even pretend they’re trying to raise money in order to help people affected by disaster situations. Make sure the organization is legit before you start soliciting donations.

In many cases, non-profit organizations rely on call centers to help them raise funds to continue their operations. Unfortunately, due to the limited nature of non-profit funding, it may be impossible for them to find qualified personnel to fill this position. Therefore, if you choose to work in this field, it’s likely your services will be accepted only on a voluntary basis. However, if you gain enough experience in this field, you may eventually be able to move on to bigger and better things.

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