Last Minute Office Gift Ideas

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It’s the final week before Christmas. Have you bought all of your office gifts? In case you still have a hard-to-shop-for coworker on your list, here are some last minute office gift ideas.

If you order early this week, many stores can still ship you the gifts in time for Christmas. But you better shop now!!

Bluetooth alert bracelet

Have you ever missed a call on your cell phone because you couldn’t hear it ring? The BluAlert Bracelet solves that problem!

Pair this Bluetooth bracelet with your phone, and it discretely vibrates for every incoming call. Even the loudest club won’t stop you from catching that important call now!

Even cooler, the BluAlert also acts as a cell phone security device. If you are ever more than 5 meters from your cell phone, the bracelet vibrates. Nobody can steal your phone, and you won’t lose it either. Handy, right?!

Buy at ThinkGeek for $49.99

Laser tag, anyone?

If you and your coworkers ever need a little stress relief, the Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set is for you. This is a full set of laser tag gear for two, and everything is built into the blaster!

Here are the key features:

  • “Team Play” and “Deathmatch” Modes
  • Single or Auto Fire
  • Pro and Beginner Modes
  • LCD Screen – shows ammo, hits, firing mode
  • Scope Attachment (with three views)
  • Barrel Extender with foldable bipod legs
  • Extendable Shoulder Stock
  • 250 ft range!

Need we say more? If you need a little cubicle warfare, check out these weapons, uh toys. :)

Buy at ThinkGeek for $49.99

Pelt your enemies

If your coworkers need something more substantial than laser tag, check out this Airsoft Assault Rifle. Yes, it’s a toy.

But once you get past the blaze orange rifle tip, you see a full-sized, stunningly detailed assault rifle. It’s ready to pelt your coworkers with 240 soft pellets per minute.

Did I say that this is only a toy? But still, be careful and always wear the included safety glasses.

Buy at ThinkGeek for $29.99

Take digital notes

Is your office going paperless? Or perhaps one of your coworkers hates paper (like I do!). Then you should check out this Mobile Notetaker.

This ingenious device has two modes: mobile or connected. Mobile mode is for taking notes. Just write on any piece of paper, up to A4 size, and the Notetaker will store your notes in digital format. Then Connected mode will put your notes into your computer, letting you edit and arrange them.

Oh, you can even write directly into Microsoft Word!!

Buy at ThinkGeek for $169.99

An MP3 car horn!

For the car lover in your office, check out this unique horn. It goes far beyond the traditional honk, letting you play any MP3 with the push of a button!

This automod works alongside your existing horn to play an MP3 through its speaker, whenever you push one of the 10 buttons. It holds up to 256 MB of MP3′s, with a USB slot for new tunes. And the Horntones website lets you convert any MP3 to horn format.

Finally, you can group the sounds into themes, so you can find the best tune for the situation. I’m thinking themes like “road rage” or “hey you.”

Buy at ThinkGeek for $299.99

Pocket-sized Moleskine notebook

For people who still like the feel of pen on paper, there’s nothing better than a Moleskine notebook. It’s truly the choice of famous writers throughout the years.

Here’s a 3-pack of mini Moleskine notebooks. And at $7.99, you just can’t beat the price. Treat one of your coworkers to all 3, or give 3 different people a small treat. They’ll love you for it!

Buy at ThinkGeek for $7.99

Vector desk shelf

For the coworker with a really cluttered desk, check out this slick shelf. It’s a simple vector, based on an imaginary line graph.

The vector gives you lots of acute angles for storing different office necessities. And you can even choose whether the graph angles up or down!

Buy at ThinkGeek for $9.99

Do you have an Ex?

We’re definitely not condoning violence, but this knife holder has style! It’s called “The Ex,” and you’ve got to marvel at its unique design.

Even cooler, the holder comes with five stainless steel, precision cutting knives. And the holder’s slots are magnetized to ensure that the knives stay in their protective sleeves. In case red’s not your color, The Ex also comes in chrome and black.

Buy at ThinkGeek for $69.99

Blast them from bed

Do any of your coworkers have trouble waking up on time? Or maybe you need to blast someone’s cubicle. Perhaps the Sonic Grenade can help.

Pull the pin, toss the grenade, and wait 20 seconds. You’ll then hear the ear-deafening scream from the grenade – and your coworker. The only way to stop the shrill grenade it to reinsert the pin, which you have hidden!

Use wisely, and only when the ultimate revenge is needed.

Buy at ThinkGeek for $12.99

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