How to Critique a Call Center Agent

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Since we just looked at how to accept criticism, I thought we would look at how to give constructive criticism and critique a call center agent.  When critiquing a call center agent you have to remember a few things.

1. They’re human and make mistakes.  Before critiquing a call center agent, make sure that you’re seeing a pattern of behavior.  If you’re seeing a singular instance that doesn’t normally happen, there is nothing that can be done.  Consider it an accident, something that normally doesn’t happen to that agent.  It could be that the agent lost his cool and normally has it under control.

2. Step in quickly.  Before letting a call center agent develop a bad habit, jump in with assistance.  Let the agent know you want to help make them the best call center agent they can be and that you want to offer some suggestions and tips that you’ve picked up over the years.  Your employee should be more receptive to this type of criticism compared to a public criticizing and blaming.

3. Receive feedback.  If you’re going to give feedback, you should be prepared to receive the same type of feedback.  A good practice to start is to ask each call center agent that you review or critique if there is anything you can change that would make you a better supervisor and make their work more productive.  You’ll get some of them saying, “Um…I don’t know.” But others will welcome the opportunity to tell you how to improve.  It is you, giving them freedom, to say what they want (only in a constructive way), without getting mad or punishing them.

Take these tips and implement them in your call center today!

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