How to Achieve Sales Goals With Less Employees

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Most sales calls in the call center world are cold calls.  Generally you’re calling a list of people that don’t expect your call, and generally don’t want your call.  In order to sell more by calling less you need to adjust your thinking and change your call list.  Here is how to do just that.

Seek out people who want your product or service.  If you sell Cadillac cars, you probably won’t sell many to college students.  However if you’re focused on the right demographic you’ll have a considerably higher sale to call ratio.  One way to do that would be call CEO’s.  You could also call retirees and people in rich communities.  If you just target a rich neighborhood or city (beach cities have a higher percentage of rich) you’re definitely going to sell more.  On the other hand, if you sell cheap cell phone service that requires no down payment and no contract, don’t waste your time calling those same CEO’s, their company probably handles their cell phone needs, and they don’t want to spend valuable time saving $20 per month.

Get to the point.  One thing I can’t stand is when a cold caller calls me and takes 30 seconds to get to the point.  Instead of beating around the bush, get right to the point.  You’ll be able to make more calls by skipping the people who don’t want to buy.  Instead of giving your sales pitch, come right out with your best line, “Are you interested in saving up to $20 on your cell phone bill and keeping your same phone number?”  You want something that creates interest and gives people a reason to listen to the rest of your call.

Don’t waste time.  When you call me, I don’t want you to ask how the weather is, if I watched the World Series or if I’m having a good day.  If you’re calling about business, let’s get down to business.  Use your pitch and let’s make a deal if I’m still on the line.

Hopefully those quick tips will take you from a 5% success ratio to 10% or more!

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