Call Center Software from Five9

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Looking for call center software to either start or get your call center up and running?  Five9 provides a full range of call center software including inbound, outbound, auto dialers, and virtual call centers.  Five9 is highly recommended by many different people online, including a few reviews I found at LinkedIn.

Five9′s outbound call center software is a service (SaaS) and is one of the best.  Bundled with the outbound call center software is FiveNine’s auto dialer which saves each agent valuable time by not making them wait while a phone rings.

Five9 provides a list of great benefits for using their service:

  • Increased agent productivity by shortening average call times and ensuring that agents only handle live calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction by proactively contacting them with important product offers and information.
  • Improved sales results by dialing more numbers and contacting more live parties, resulting in more leads.
  • Lower infrastructure costs by eliminating recurring T1 fees, optimizing use of dialing resources, and reducing administration costs.
  • Increased business agility by scaling your operations up or down as needed, rather than settling on a system with a fixed number of licenses.

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