Call Center in India

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Call centers have been all over the world for a long time. Nowhere did the call center revolution gain more ground than India. Indian call centers have long been the choice for American companies wanting to outsource call centers, because they offered inexpensive labor rates and had an ample supply of call center agents. Jobs in call centers were difficult to find for Indians for a long time, but as time has gone on, the call centers are now able to be choosier with whom they employee and can look for call center agents with the most “American” sounding accent.

While India is still a strong force in the international call center industry, they have some major opposition in the South Pacific especially from call centers in the Philippines.

If you’re looking to outsource your call center, an Indian call center firm would be a good choice given the current world market. Keep in mind that your money is valuable no matter what country you employee for your call center, and make sure you look around and “test drive” the call center company before making your final decision.

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