Call Center Coaching

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Call center coaching is the process of taking a player (call center agent) off the field (desk) and giving them advice on how they can do better and improve themselves at their position.

If you’re currently not coaching your call center agents, they’re missing a large part of the game. In fact, if you don’t regularly coach your call center agents, they don’t know what to expect and will fall into bad habits. This is why call center supervisors are so important to every call center.

If you don’t currently employ any call center supervisors, another option is to hire an outside call center coach. These coaches are trained specifically for the call center industry and can either conduct call center coaching over the phone or come to your location to provide coaching.

Depending on your needs, it might be best to contact two or three call center coaches and explain your needs and let them give you suggestions. Make sure and contact a few different call center coaches and make sure each one is on the same page, delivering what you need, not what they want you to have. If a outside consultant is too expensive you might be able to find a call center supervisor who could moonlight for your company during his or her day off. You might even be able to get personal training and them conduct your own call center coaching sessions!

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