Building a Productive Call Center Atmosphere

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When you own a business that focuses on providing call center services, it’s up to you to regulate every aspect of the business.  Among other things, this means that you’ll need to form appropriate response guidelines for any staff members that you may hire and manage disputes that arise amongst employees.  By keeping a few things in mind, you can create an atmosphere that will help your employees remain productive and satisfied with their jobs.

Desk Space and Personal Comfort

As you might expect, if your employees are uncomfortable in their work settings, it will be difficult for them to focus on their duties.  After all, happy employees are productive employees!  For the most part, every person’s desk should be large enough to hold a computer, phone, and any response materials needed by the employee.  You may also want to designate some areas of the desk as appropriate for personal decorations.

Depending on the climate that your office is located in, you may want to keep personal fans or heaters on hand.  You should also ask your employees if they’re comfortable with the lighting levels and other aspects of the office – it’s possible that you’ve overlooked something that makes a big difference in their work environment.  You may also want to ask your employees if there are any appliances or other office supplies that will help make their jobs easier.

Mirrors to Monitor Facial Expression

One of the oldest methods for ensuring that your telephone voice sounds upbeat is to look at your face in the mirror while you’re talking.  Oddly enough, if you’re smiling, the other person will hear it and respond in a more positive way.  If your employees aren’t familiar with this tool, now’s the time to show them.  Installing mirrors in their work spaces is an excellent way to help them monitor their expressions while speaking with customers.

Establish a Code of Conduct

Even though your employees know how to be polite, there may be times when they find it difficult – especially when dealing with rude customers.  That said, in order to prevent problems, it’s best to establish a series of protocols for various situations.  For example, if you specifically don’t want your employees to get into shouting matches with customers, you’ll need to make sure that they understand what they are to do instead.  Having this documented in written form will be of immense help to your employees and will help protect you, should a dispute arise.

Give Evaluations and Feedback

Employees rarely take wrong or inappropriate actions intentionally out of spite.  Rather, they may believe a particular behavior is right simply because they interpret your guidelines in a specific way.  Unfortunately, if you don’t let your employee know that something needs to be corrected, they’ll continue making the same mistake.  Routine evaluations can be a useful way to provide feedback.  It’s also helpful to give your employees recommendations or suggestions for how you want things done in the future.

Working with employees in a call center situation has its challenges, as well as its rewards.  It’s important to treat your employees with fairness and respect, as well as formulate guidelines for how they are to do their job.  While it may take some work to create a healthy, functional office atmosphere, it’s well worth the effort.

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