Being Different Can Be Better

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JetBlue, the airline known for low fees and very happy customers has announced that they’ll further attempt to increase customer retention and customer service by offering in-flight internet access (full story).  The Airbus 320 named “BetaBlue” will be offering mainly email and IM access to passengers using Yahoo e-mail, Yahoo instant messaging, or BlackBerry models 8820 and 8320.  Some internet features will be disabled such as downloading attachments and surfing the web.

While this is extremely limited, it does show purpose.  All good things take time to develop.  Currently major airlines fear the different wireless frequencies will interfere with existing airplane guidance systems and other wireless airplane protocols.

If JetBlue can get this to work, in flight high speed internet access is right around the corner.

What does this mean for your call center?  Cutting edge is where you should be.  If a client wants to work with you and wants you to do something you’ve never done, don’t be quick to shut them down.  If an employee has an idea that seems outlandish or ridiculous, give it some thought and talk to them more about it.

If your call center is willing to be that front runner you’ll not only get a lot of press attention, but branding will be easy and customers will be coming to you without you advertising to them!

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