5 Tips for Every Call Center

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This is a guest post from Lavarthi Santosh who has been in the business process outsourcing industry for 5 years.

As per my experience goes I would want to tell you one thing. The entire call center industry whether it is a client, customer or support staff every thing will revolve around these 5 important basic things:

1. Value creation
2. People development
3. Business development
4. Motivation and Morale
5. Rewards and Recognition

Value creation:

How can we create value to the client, customer and staff in terms of improving their current situation and how can we value add to their business.

People development:

In this section we need to more concentrate on the development of workforce. A call center will be supported by various support functions like WFM, Technology, Mobilization, Quality, Facilities and Services. Here in this section we need to more concentrate on Articles to the people who visit our website, Articles based on WFM, Operations, Technology, latest trends, the work force demand in the market, the future of the industry .

Business development:

In this section we need to more concentrate on the business development of the call center, the various ways and means of developing an existing call center either it might be increasing revenues or decreasing costs with the help of latest techniques and practices adopted by various call centers. Here we need to bring in light the best practices of the industry and share with the people who visit our website.

Motivation and Morale:

“Earth revolves round the sun and call center revolves round motivation and morale of the people.”
In this section Motivating the call center staff should be concentrated. As the call center works in groups and it is all about team work, the higher the motivation and morale, higher the productivity which in turn leads to value add to the client, customer and the staff.

Rewards and Recognition:

As the developed countries outsource their process to developing countries to reduce their cost and increase their revenues. It becomes a great challenge for the developing counties to retain their call center staff, as their is much demand for the skilled people. In this section the concentration should be laid on how to reward the call center staff and how to recognize their work. If this goes well then it is good for the outsourcing business and for the call center as the experience staff adds value to the client business and reduces the cost of the call center in terms of hiring the new people.

Thanks Laverthi for your input! If you would like to submit an article to be published on our website, please contact us!

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