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Home Depot Contact Center Associate – Bilingual Job Overview

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 Job Description

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 The Contact Center Associate works in a call center environment in Home Depot’s Associate Support Center that provides quality customer service to associates and managers by handling inbound calls related to pay and HR issues and ensuring the caller’s needs are met in a timely manner. Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 The contact center associate:

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 * Handles incoming calls, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 identifies and documents issue, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 processes the necessary transaction or escalates the issue to Tier II for further research and resolution
* Supports organization changes through high volume transactional support as needed
* Processes transaction requests received via call, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 mail, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 fax or email

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 ENVIRONMENTAL JOB REQUIREMENTS

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 * Located in a comfortable indoor area
* Under regular pressure to meet deadlines, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 quotas and/or must frequently deal with difficult issues related to people or situation

KNOWLEDGE, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 SKILLS, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 ABILITIES AND COMPETENCIES

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 * Exceptional customer service skills and proven ability to perform in an unpredictable, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 fast-paced environment.
* Excellent interpersonal skills.
* Bilingual Spanish is a plus but not required
* Good written and verbal communication skills
* Exceptional phone skills

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 Job Requirements

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 * Must be eighteen years of age or older
* Must pass the Drug Test
* Must pass the Background Check
* Must pass pre-employment tests if applicable
* EDUCATION REQUIRED – The knowledge, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 skills and abilities typically acquired through the completion of a high school diplomas and/or GED
* Must have at least one year of relevant work experience
* Most of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position and there is frequent opportunity to move about.
* On rare occasions there may be a need to move or lift light articles.


Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 * BILINGUAL (SPANISH) IS NEEDED!
* Customer service or HR experience preferred
* Excellent interpersonal skills
* Basic computer and phone knowledge
* Patience, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 teamwork, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 motivation, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 upbeat and a great attitude
* History of punctuality and good attendance
* Associate Degree or some college education preferred
* High School Diploma
* Bilingual

Herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 For more information on this call center job with Home Depot in Atlanta, herbolax 10 strip box $372.00 Georgia click this link.

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