Start Your Own at Home Call Center

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Instead of trying to find a call center to hire you, why not start your own? It’s much easier than you would think! We’ll get you started setting up your own at home call center.

Pick a space

To work at home, you need a work space. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated room, but it does need to be functional.

At a minimum, you’ll need a place to sit and a work surface (table or desk). Make sure you have sufficient lighting as well. Since you’re going to handle phone calls, you do need a fairly quiet work area. If your current office area isn’t quiet, consider moving your setup to a quieter area in the house.

Get a computer

The backbone of your call center will be a computer. But we’re not talking about a super computer or some fancy gaming machine.

All you really need is a basic computer that can get on the internet. No huge monitors required. No fancy speakers or equipment. Just a computer, internet connection, and a headset.

Download Skype

If you’ve never used Skype before, it’s time to get acquainted. This will be the key to your call center.

The download is free and you can even call other Skype users for free. But if you want to make and/or receive calls to/from regular phone lines, that costs money. You load up your account with credits, and then Skype lets you talk away.

Use SkypeIn for each client

The model we’re using for this at home call center is that you’ll handle a low volume of calls for several different clients. So you’ll need an incoming number for each client.

SkypeIn gives you a regular phone number from your pick of various countries and area codes. You associate that number with a specific Skype account. Have your client direct callers to the SkypeIn number, and you’re in business!

When you want to add a client, just create a new Skype account with a SkypeIn phone number. To accept calls from that client, run a separate Skype instance on your computer. Simple, right?

Expand from there

Skype has been proclaimed as a revolutionary for the call center industry. In fact, several companies have used it to build extensive web-based call centers like Sky-Click.

You’re not going that big…yet. But the possibilities really are endless. You could expand on this simple model to have a couple employees working with you. Since it’s web-based, they could work at their homes as well!

Do you use Skype for an at home call center?

If you need a global call center or contact center for your business, take a look at this national contact center and signup with a great call center today.

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