How to Make Your Own Call Center

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We just wrote a quick tutorial on starting an at home call center. Since you seemed interested in the subject, today I’m going to expand on the topic.

Making your own call center

The cool thing about technology today is that it’s really easy to make your own call center. You don’t need incredibly expensive technology and equipment. In fact, there is very little money required to set up a call center.

The previous post discussed a unique call center model. Instead of multiple employees handling calls for one company, that model had one person handling calls for several different clients. Today, we’ll show you how Skype can allow many employees to handle a large volume of calls.

Skype only

The first home call center model uses a simple installation of Skype. Get a computer for each employee that you want to answer the phone. Install Skype on each computer, and setup each computer to use the same Skype username.

The Skype Developer’s blog explains how it works:

The trick is having all your operators use a single shared Skype Name. So when a call comes in, the Skype client of each operator starts to ring. As soon as the first of them picks up the call, the ringing stops for others too (they will see a “missed call” event, but more about this later).

Now when another call comes in while the first operator is still speaking, the Skype clients of all other operators start ringing, and stop as soon as the next operator answers the call. As before, everybody else including the first operator who was still busy with another call will get a “missed call” event.

You need to activate Skype Voicemail for this shared account. So when a call truly is missed, the caller can leave a voicemail. Then the operators can ignore the false-alarm “missed call” notices in Skype.

Beef it up

If you want a more robust call center solution, check out Pretty May Call Center. This program has a load of advanced features, and it’s only $150 for the standard version.

The basic features are: auto-attendant, IVR (interactive voice response), extension transferring, call recording, and personalized voicemail capabilities. In case one incoming line isn’t enough, this software supports up to 30 lines. You can run one heck of a call center with that!

Pretty May Call Center also has some advanced features that are incredibly appealing. You can have multiple call flows, so calls are routed differently depending upon the hour of the day. Calls can also be routed according to the skills of your agents. And you can play recorded music or information while on hold.

If you’d like to try out Pretty May Call Center, you can download a 15-day trial. That’s plenty of time to give all the features a test drive.

Call center in your home

The coolest part of this Skype solution is that you can start the call center right out of your house. If you have the space, you can easily add multiple employees. With the low cost of this solution, you will keep your total overhead down. That will ensure higher profits for your home call center.

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