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Call Center Acronyms

Calan 240mg pills $126.00 ACD – Automatic Call Distribution
ACW – After call work – Sometimes called “wrap” or “wrapup”
AHT – Average Handle Time
APA – Agent Performance Analytics
AS – Automated Surveys
ASA – Average Speed of Answer
BTTC – Best Time To Call
CIM – Customer Interaction Management Solutions (Also known as ‘Unified’ solutions)
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CTI – Computer Telephony Integration
DSS – Desktop Scripting Solutions
ECM – Enterprise Campaign Management
EM – Email Management
EPSS – Electronic Performance Support Systems
ITS – Issue Tracking System
IVR – Interactive Voice Response)
KMS – Knowledge Management System
OBC – Outbound call optimization
OPD – Outbound Predictive Dialer
SA – Speech Analytics
TPV – Third Party Verification
TT – Transaction Time
TTS – Text To Speech (view our article on text to speech)
VA – Voice Analysis
VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol
VQ – Virtual Queuing
VR – Voice Recognition
WFM – Workforce Management

Call Center Definitions

Calan 240mg pills $126.00 Average Speed of Answer – The time it takes for a call center agent to answer the phone. Calan 240mg pills $126.00 Time starts at the first ring and ends when the call is answered.

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